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Compatibility with Mobile


Download the APP

Search "FitCloudPro" App on the App store or Google Play store.

Or scan the QR code to download:


Wear SW207

Placement for all-day wear vs exercise:


● Make sure the tracker is in contact with your skin.

● Don't wear your tracker too tight, a tight wristband restricts

blood flow, potentially affecting the heart-rate signal. The

tracker should be slightly tighter (snug but not constricting)

during exercise.

With high-intensity interval training or other activities where

your wrist is moving vigorously and non-rhythmically, the

movement may limit the sensor's ability to provide a heart-rate

reading. If your tracker doesn't show a heart-rate reading, try

relaxing your wrist and staying still briefly.

Change the wristband

How to remove the wristband:

1. Move the button on the strap and will remove it.

2. Repeat on the other side.

3. Our have replacement straps sell.


Charge Your Tracker


Synchronization with APP

Before connecting, make sure your device is powered on and

your smartphone's Bluetooth is on.

Note: When you use it for the first time, please allow the

app all permissions to avoid some features being


1) Connect the App with the device, go to the menu at the

bottom of the screen, and click the icon "Device", Please click

"+ Add Peripheral Now".

2) There you will see the Bind Bracelet, Please click "Search

Now", You will see our device, please click SW207 and keep

your watch close to your phone to complete the pairing.

3) It will need few seconds for App and bracelet to synchronize

data. If time synchronization failed, the data in device will reset,

if successful, the data will be saved.


Disconnect from phone

Steps: Go to "FitCloudPro" APP→Device →Unbundling

Bracelet→Confirm→Go Setting→Bluetooth→Click our product

model→Forget this device


Change watch faces

You can switch the dial through the watch settings.

Or long press the main screen to enter the dial interface to switch.


Find phone

1) Click or press the side button to activate the screen. Sliding

to the right or left. You can find the "Find Phone" function.

2) The phone will make sounds and vibrate to remind you

where the phone is. (Please make sure the phone volume is

turned on)


Remote shutter

Please turn on this function in app before taking photos.

Steps: Device → Shake for Photograph


Sedentary Reminding

Please turn on this function in app.

Steps: Device → Inactivity reminder → Set start/end time →

Sedentary duration → Enable




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