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Heart-rate signal missing

SW206 continuously tracks your heart rate while you're

exercising and throughout the day. If the heart-rate sensor on

your watch has difficulty detecting a signal, the green light on

the back of the watch will continue to flash continuously.

Next, please make sure you're wearing your watch correctly,

either by moving it higher or lower on your wrist or by

tightening or loosening the wristband. SW206 should be in

contact with your skin.

After holding your arm still and straight for a short time, you

should see your heart rate again.

Other issues

If you experience any of the following issues, restart your


1. Won't sync;

2. Won't respond to button press;

3. Won't track steps or other data;

See "Restart SW206" on how to restart your watch.

To learn more about your smart watch and warranty, visit


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