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Track a daily activity

SW206 tracks your progress toward a daily activity goal of your

choice. When you reach your goal, the watch vibrates and

shows a celebration.


Choose a goal

Set a goal to help you get started on your health and fitness

journey. To begin, your goal is 8,000 steps per day, choose to

increase or decrease the number of steps.

Track your sleep

Wear SW206 to bed to automatically track your time asleep

and sleep stages (time spent in awake, light sleep, and deep


To see your sleep status, sync your watch when you wake up

and check the app.


Tips: SW206 only record sleep from 6:00PM - 8:00AM.

Learn about your sleep habits

SW206 track several sleep metrics including when you go to


how long you're asleep, and your time spent in each stage.

Check your sleep with SW206 and check the GloryFit app to

understand how you sleep patterns compare to your peers.


See your heart rate

SW206 will measure the heart rate of the user in the heart rate

measurement interface. After measurement, the result will be



Automatic monitoring of the heart rate

To set automatic monitoring of ON/OFF operation procedure:

Open GloryFit App → Device→ Heart Rate Settings → Click the

icon to open/close


This functions can be turned on and off through APP setting.

When this functions is on, watch will conduct automatic moni-

toring on time and record the data, it will convey the data to

the APP terminal.

Blood pressure measure

BP Measuring in smart watch directly

Go to your smart watch → Swipe right → Blood pressure → single

click to measure.

BP Measuring in "Glory Fit" APP


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