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SW206 can display call, text and app notifications from

your phone to keep you informed. The phone and watch must

be connected with each other to receive notifications.

Set up notifications

Check that bluetooth on your phone is on and that your phone

can receive notifications (often under Settings →Notifications).

Then set up notifications:

1. With your watch nearby, from the "GloryFit" app dashboard,

tap the "Device" icon → APP → light up the icon.

2. "Device" → More Settings → SMS → light up the icon.


See incoming notifications

When your phone and SW206 are within range, a notification

causes the watch to vibrate.

In the watch main interface, swipe up to check the history

message, only save 8 message.


Phone Remind and Reject phone calls

If paired to an iPhone or Android phone, please allow notifica-

tion request. You can hang up phone calls.

The caller's name appears if that person is in your contacts list;

otherwise you see a phone number.


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