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1   Q: Can you use the buttons on the watch to start/stop operations, or do you have to use the touch screen?

A:  Our watch has three control methods: 1. Touch 2. Physical button 3. APP Among them, there are two physical buttons. The upper one can quickly reach the sports mode, and the lower one can quickly return to the main page, stopwatch timing and other functions.


2   Q:Does it show the weather ?

A: The watch can display the weather and temperature of the last 4 days, and you can know the weather conditions of the day very well.


3   Q: Is it waterproof?

A: he watch is IP67 waterproof, which can meet your daily activities such as washing your hands.


4   Q: Are there any requirements for the compatibility of the APP used with the watch and the phone?


      A: The watch supports IOS 9.0 or above, Android 4.4 or abovemobilephone. You can download APP "GloryFit" by Apple Store and Google Play.


5    Q: Can you reply to phonecalls?


       A: Calls cannot be answered, but call reminders and rejections can be made. When you have an incoming call, the watch will vibrate to remind you. Touching or long pressing the watch during an incoming call will hang up the call. You can set these in the APP.


6   Q: How many watch face has it got? Can you able to install new watch faces? Thanks


      A: There are 5 watch face to choose from on the watch.

If you dont like theseThe watch face of our watch can be freely changed in the watch face center in the APP. There are 40+ watch face to choose from in the watch face center.

And you can also change your favorite pictures in the custom dial in the APP, such as yourself photos, for your favorite cartoon characters, etc.. you can also change the font color , and the color selection is also very rich.


7  Q: Is there an inactivity alert function? E.g. an alert that vibrates every 40 mins if you've been sitting down for too long?


      A: Yes, it has a sedentary reminder. You can set the time period and reminder interval in the APP, such as 9:00-18:00, the reminder interval is 60 minutes, then within this time, if you Sitting for too long, it will remind you with vibration.

It can also set not to disturb during lunch break. After turning on the reminder for sedentary sitting, you can turn on it, then it will not disturb you from 12:00 - 14:00.


8  Q: Does it track sleep?


      A: Yes, it can monitor your sleep.

And it can display your deep sleep, light sleep, and waking time on the APP. There is also have week of data report on the APP. You can check the balance of sleep fluctuations and monitor your sleep quality.


9  Q: Can you track a run with this watch, without taking the phone with you?


      A: The watch can store data separately, so you don't have to carry your phone when you go out for a run. When you need to synchronize data, just turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile phone, open the APP and approach the device to automatically connect.

The watch can retain data for the last 7 days as long as, you can synchronize the data within 7 days.


10  Q: Can you get facebook messages?


A: Yes, this watch can receive message reminders from Facebook.

And the watch can also receive message reminders from other software. It can probably accept messages from 20+ software and can save 8 message records.

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