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YoYoFit Edge Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

  • ❤  Color:
  • ❤ 【Colorful Display&Adjustable Brightness】- 1.3 inch LCD color screen offers excellent HD image quality. 5-levels of the screen brightness can be set in app manually. The screen brightness can be adjusted according to your requirements, clear viewing during the day and not dazzling at night.
  • ❤ 【All-day Activity Tracking 】Accurately record 24 hours activities. Tracks your steps, calories burned, miles covered and active minutes in the daytime. Help you better understand specific activity data, make your exercise more effective. Connected GPS use your smartphone GPS to see real-time pace and distance.
  • ❤ 【Heart Rate Monitor& Sleep Monitor】Continuous, automatic heart rate tracking without an uncomfortable chest strap, it can help you better understand your health and fitness. Automatically tracks your sleep duration and sleep stages. Set a silent alarm and your tracker will wake you with a quiet vibration.
  • ❤ 【Calls/ SMS/ SNS/ Sedentary Alert】 Remind call, SMS and SNS notifications, anti-lost functions, sedentary alert, alarm clock, stopwatch, etc.It will vibrate when your phone receives calls, text messages and text messages to alert you. You will never miss a call or a message. If you work too long, sedentary reminders will remind you to relax.
  • ❤ 【Wider Compatibility & Warranty】- Compatible with IOS 9.0 and above & Android 4.4 and above smartphones (not for SAMSUNG J3, HUAWEI P8, iPad, tablet or PC), please install the App “EveryFit” in your phone and pair the device from it; 12-monthes warranty is provided by BingoFit, if any quality/style problems, please feel free to contact us:amazon.us@iyoyofit.com.


User Manual(Benutzerhandbuch)

Edge Manual Download:

YoYoFit Edge User Manual


YoYoFit Smart Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor


  1. Q: How can you pair it to your phone? I tried for 20 minutes and it just says searching?

    A: Hi, Thank you for your question
    Please make sure it not connected in your phone Bluetooth list directly.Please forget the device in your phone Bluetooth list and pair it in your DaFit app.

  2. Q: Does it have gps?

    A: Hi, Thank you for your question
    The watch don’t have a build-in GPS,you can connected with your phone GPS in your DaFit app to track your running route.

  3. Q: Can I purchase an extra charger?

    A: Hi, Thank you for your question
    You can purchase an extra charger from this link(https://www.amazon.com/YoYoFit-Edge-Charging-Cable-Watch/dp/B07RK83PXM)

  4. Q: Can you change the band?

    A: Hi, Thank you for your question
    You can change the band according to your preference. And changing the band doesnt influence the watch.

  5. Q: Do you know how long the battery last?

    A: Hi, Thank you for your question
    The watch barrtey usually lasts 5-7 days.

  6. Q: Is this watch able to answer calls?

    A: Hi, Thank you for your question
    The watch can notify you the call and massage text, and then you can answer via your phone.

  7. Q: How many watch faces does it have?

    A: Hi, Thank you for your question
    You can customize any picture you like on the watch face,and it has three basic digital face.

  8. Q: What app does this use?

    A: Hi, Thank you for your question
    The name of the APP is “DaFit”, you can search it in Apple store or Google Play.
    You also can scan the QR code from the manual to download the APP.

  9. Q: Does this track sleep if you sleep during the day?

    A: Hi, Thank you for your question,
    It can track your sleep in PM21:00-AM8:00.

  10. Q: What size is the watch screen?

    A: Hi, Thank you for your question,
    The watch screen size is 1.3inch.

80 reviews for YoYoFit Edge Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

  1. Steph G

    well worth the money
    great watch brought for my mom and to be honest its just as good as my samsung watchchoice of 3 watch faces ….can have calls messages and whatsapp notifications come throughwell worth the money i would reccommend if u dont have a lot of money to spend on one ….and if my samsung watch was to ever break i would buy one of these to replace

  2. Tara read

    Had this watch for about a month now and I can’t fault it, it works in tandem with my health app and a Keto app that I have, records steps, sleep, bp, heart rate and blood oxygen levels and shows the weather, sms messages etc… what more could you possibly need, have had so many comments on it, looks great, feels great and for the price is pretty amazing

  3. Rock

    Great watch, easy to use, looks and feels expensive
    My first impression of this watch was that it had a nice weight to it. Feeling more expensive than what it cost. The straps were also nice, thin and smooth. overall the size wasn’t too big which can look unsightly.The menu is nice and bright, easy to figure out and navigate. The brightness can also be altered in the settings. I especially like the option to change the menu style. With style one allowing you to add a custom photo to the front screen.The initial screen in the menu shows number of steps, time, kcal, and distance covered that day. Other features include photo and music control, the weather, sleep analysis, blood pressure, heart rate, training mode, notifications from all media types, stopwatch and oxygen saturation.I found the training mode easy to use and accurate, providing all the required data. I compared data with my other halfs fitbit for the day and it was very accurate.The battery is also still going strong after three days. No need to charge yet and this for me is a big plus.The ap is easy to use and provides all the info you would require. Showing performance over the last seven days and further depth on your sleep analysis.Great value for the price, lovely watch i am very happy

  4. Biggs

    So much on it…
    I bought is watch for my niece, she loves it….. she said it’s better than her old one and you can do so much with….she has paired it with her mobile phone, easily…. she uses it for an alarm, watch, step counter even the weather forecast too…. she said there’s much more on it too…!!!I loved the colour too…..:) I think she’s going to be very happy with this good quality smart watch for a long time….

  5. Maniekw2

    Good price for quality.
    nice and solid smartwatch with a clear display. Very good resolution of the watch face with nice colors. It easily pairs with the phone via bluetooth, the app is easy to use, the battery lasts a few days. This smartwatch has several functions such as measuring heartbeat, displaying messages and calls. The smartwatch is made of metal not of plastic like others, it works smoothly and responds quickly to a change in function. Several colors of straps to choose from. Good price for quality.

  6. Rock

    Music control
    Good product for a decent price. Lot of overpriced item here on amazon but I think this is worth the money what I paid for it. Cheap but well made. The watch knows everything what i needed. Battery last for about 5 days. I don’t need to check my phone very often for missed calls, text messages or for any app notifications becouse this smartwatch remind me. It has a heart rate monitor feature. It was really easy to pair with my Android phone. It took me less then a minute. To get all the feature out of this smart watch I recommend to download the APP to your phone and you will be able to customise all the settings, notifications, alerts to you personal needs and also keep a record for the calories you burned or the distance you been walking, running etc.

  7. Sam

    Great value, works well
    I wanted this watch to tell me the time and monitor walking steps. Once I started wearing it I found the ability to read messages and know who was calling was a big bonus. I didn’t know how to stop it flashing on in the theatre but this was quickly solved by a question to the Amazon forum. Battery life is longer and the charging much easier than with the watch I had before. It is a great low price and it works very well. I’ve had it two weeks and I’m delighted.

  8. jaffeling

    great gadget to monitor activity and health
    sleek design, and fashionable look! screen is bright and easy to read.step tracker and heart rate monitor really helped and encouraged me to exercise by walking a lot more a day, sleep quality monitor gave me a perfect indicator of rest amount every night.it got really long battery life, one full charge could run at least 8 days! that means it can continuously monitor my activity with minimal break.watch and mobile app setup is easy and quick, and i can always review my activities history in the app.

  9. A. Afifi

    Great step counter and brilliant battery could last 15 days
    This watch is brilliant. It shows you messages and notification from WhatsApp and it has music player and camera remote shutter button to take selfies or control your camera remotely.It as well shows you who’s calling you now and vibrates too.It counts your step and watch over your sleep hours and has training mood with many sports that can calculate exactly how much did you burn.Battery life is great as it drianed only 6% during 1 entire day which means it can give me easily 15 days worth of power without need to recharge it again :)Easy swappable straps thanks to the easy remove strings.

  10. C.Caie

    Excellent features for the money
    Love the design of this fitness tracker, especially the round display with huge numbers. It is comfortable to wear, looks trendy and multifunctional. There are loads of functions on this watch: time, date, weather, step count, heartbeat, read msg and etc.It is touch screen with a great battery life, charging is quick and easy. Using the app I’ve downloaded in the App Store, I’ve linked my phone to the watch and now I receive my messages on my watch! Very handy!It can monitor myself by measure heart rate and track activities throughout the day.Price was great and I am pleased with my purchase, would recommend it to my friends.

  11. Sonny

    Very great watch
    I brought this watch for my grandma because of its blood pressers monitor as she need it all the time .She really like this watch. It is straightforward to use and These is not any problems connecting Bluetooth to the phone at all. The battery life as far as I am concerned is very good. It’s comfortable to wear, looks cool and high quality. Overall very happy with this stylish watch. Recommended

  12. Pruthvi

    Amzaing Watch
    Most stylish Fitness Tracker I ever got, really like the design of this fitness tracker.This fitness tracker is great with larger display and more functionality, however it is on the bit expensive side but I guess you have to put money to get a good product.This watch keeps good record of all the activities such as running, walking, steps taken as well as heart rate monitoring.Connecting to the phone was very easy just need to download the app and then the watch connects via Bluetooth.The Charging pad has two magnets which helps to align the watch perfectly on the charging pad

  13. eteri

    No designer label on it but does the same job and has same features with the ones that do, but with this one I didn’t pay extortionate price for.I love this new watch it helps me when I need it and keeps track of my health.Shows steps done, miles covered, heart rate and blood pressure. It’s the best I’ve seen and it don’t look cheap and nasty.This watch does exactly what it says. It’s comfortable, battery lasts me nearly all week before I have to charge. It looks pretty, nice colour. I’d recommend.

  14. Christine Wright

    Try this before spending £100s on a brand name watch.
    I have to agree with all the other good reviews, for the price this is a fantastic fitness watch, it’s just as good as the very high priced brand named watches, it’s got a big colourful easy to read screen, loads of useful features and is comfortable to wear. The app you need to download is called Everyfit, once down loaded just a few easy steps and your away. I would highly recommend this watch.

  15. EllyYD

    Great for the price. Attractive and well made fitness watch.
    Really attractive watch, had loads of compliments on it. Solid, metal and glass device with comfortable strap.Step Counter and HR are pretty accurate, (I compared it with other devices, not a million miles out). BP, not sure about accuracy, seems roughly correct but would only ever use a very rough indicator.As far as fitness watches go, it’s pretty good for the price. You can also view texts and social media messages on it, calls and weather. I’ve seen much, much more expensive ones do far less.I don’t want to have any gripes with it as I really love it but… it can loose Bluetooth connectivity to phone fairly easily, for example, if the mobile and watch are too far apart, clothing covering the watch or mainly when battery starts to run low on the watch or mobile, it can lose connection (not always). As a basic Fitness watch, it still works fine when this happens but obviously data won’t be transferred to the app, nor will you receive text and call info etc. I have to say this is bit annoying, but it’s usually easily resolvable by charging devices and reconnecting Bluetooth. Other than that, everything else is great.

  16. Salifu Drammeh

    Health and fitness monitoring sorted
    Really pleased with my purchase, comes in this stylist round shape which sets it apart from your normal fit bit in the market. The price is fantastic when compared to all the features the watch comes with. I adore the sports feature on it as it lets you monitor if you are running, playing football, basketball, badminton, walking step count, etc. It looks strong and sweating from my run this morning is not an issue at all. Finally it charges really quick and the app on the phone gives you a summary of all your activities allowing me to monitor my fitness progress effectively.

  17. Imy

    Just beautiful
    My very honest opinion this is probably the best smart fitness I’ve ever come across, the sleek design round and the smooth silicone finished strap, even the buckle has a great finish and for the price I’ve paid probably the best buy so far. Will be buying another for my mrs as she absolutely loves it.

  18. Dean bostock

    (Changed my review to this…..)
    I like this watch. I’m so glad I bought this when it was on sail. It was on sail for about £26. Delivered a few days early. Ordered it on 29th September came on 1st October (no prine)It fits me perfectly… I give it five because the battery lasts long I’m glad I bought it when it’s on sail. Just hope it doesn’t die on me in a couple of months time…… but the think I don’t know. Is it accurate? I don’t know if it is but it doesn’t matter….. overall it’s a awesome watch

  19. Vellur

    Beautiful fitness tracker
    Bought this watch for my whife to encourage her in relation to her exercise and toning up after she has lost weight. I wanted something that was feminine, useful and informative and we are both very happy with this fitness tracker. It’s unlike any other that I’ve seen, easy to pair with her phone and able to track her exercise. She can read her messages without having to check her phone which is handy at work. Battery life is good and she’s had many positive comments. Would recommend

  20. Judita

    Highly recommended
    Firstly the box and packaging leaves you feel very high quality. Watch is comfortable It works perfectly. Easy to use. Attractive design. Thank you. Highly recommended

  21. Audrina

    A brilliant buy
    Excellent buy! I bought this as I didn’t want to splurge for a fitbit when all I really needed a fitness tracker watch for was for the pedometer function and the vibrating alarm (so I don’t wake my partner when I need to get up before him). I also much prefer the circular face design as I think it looks much more stylish! I got this in light grey and it looks very sleek. It works perfectly and was very easy to set up! I’ve also found that I very much enjoy a few of the other features like displaying iphone notifications and monitoring heart rate.

  22. Butcher Pete

    Round face sports watch
    Its comfy it fits well you can enable a function in it which it rings your phone when you lose it. Theres different interfaces and styles which you can change at your leisure. The watch is always running and the battery life is so long which is a bonus. I much prefer this style over the smaller rectangular interfaced ones.

  23. Andrei Samoila

    Would highly recommend, easy to use, comfortable, stylish, lovely .Great watch and features.Love not having to take my phone out for every notification that i receive. Also like the fact i can personalize the homescreen. Great for running and recording steps.

  24. Mr S Ahmed

    Looks great, comfortable.
    Bought this for my 12yr old daughter…and she’s been well happy with it! Great functionality in counting steps, measuring heart rate, oxygen levels and even blood pressure (which a lot of trackers don’t). She loves the look of it as it looks more like a watch as opposed to a fitness tracker. It’s not too bulky, comfortable to wear and has brought clear display. The app is easy to navigate.

  25. Miroslav Dimitrov

    A lot more then expected
    I don’t know where to start from its that good!! Looks much better then most of the similar priced smart watches and its loaded with futures. The application is easy enough to work with even for someone like me who is not very good with gadgets. Battery life looks decent so far. Quick dispatch and delivery. Thanks Amazon!!

  26. christina

    Awesome watch!
    This is my favourite buy on Amazon! I love it very easy use and set up. Battery life is going still after a week using it . Great having my txts come through on my watch. Need to just work out how to add music onto it now �‍♀️ if any one can help me out that would be great thanks! Other than that highly recommend this product also . You can also but different strap colours for this watch which is cool !

  27. James

    Better than I expect!
    I was going to buy fitbit until I found this smart watch, much cheaper, but the watch itself does not look cheap at all. It’s pretty accurate with measurement of running/ step counts etc and has had a pretty decent battery life after heavy usage in the past few days. Recommended buy!

  28. Adrian Lobo

    Thumps up all the way! Happy with my purchase
    This smartwatch is well packaged and comes with a proper user manual on how to use it.All you have to do is to install the App “EveryFit” on your phone, and pair your smartwatch with your phone. It is quick and easy to set up. The screen quality was nice and bright and the quality of the build is good too and also it has a good size, not too light and not too heavy. It has the functions you would expect of most smartwatch and fitness tracker. Battery life seems to be really amazing and works fine with my phone. Really good value for money in comparison to other brands.

  29. Simoneeze

    Great smart watch and fitness app included
    I love this smart watch. It’s easy to set up and use. I can check my fitness and check my messages , and even listen to music all from the quick touch on the face of the watch so it’s not just for telling the time. It has an app that also you can keep updated.It would make a great gift god anyone as a Christmas present or just for yourself.

  30. Kamil Zdz

    Good value for money
    Good value for moneyThis is not my first smartwatch, but the first one for which I write reviews. Very good quality – this is the best thing to describe this watch. Built-in heart monitor allows you to run and control your pulse, ideal for running people 🙂 Also ideal for the pool because it is waterproof! I use it myself on a daily basis, because it works with my iphon and I know how the day passed: D, I recommend it!

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