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YoYoFit Slim Kids Fitness Tracker Best Fitness Gift for Kids

  • Color:
  • 【Smart Call & Messages Reminder】: After you connected the fitness tracker with your phone, and turn on this function on the app. When you receiving a call or other messages from SNS, the bracelet will remind you by vibration. Even if your phone is muted, you won’t miss any important messages anymore
  • 【Sleep Monitor & 8 Cute Wtach Face】: Automatically track your sleep duration and consistency with comprehensive analysis of sleep quality data; wake you up peacefully with a silent vibrate alarm.8 selected watch include analog face,fit your different day.
  • 【 Slim Color Screen】: Slim body, skin-friendly material and 18g light weight bring you better comfortable sports experience
  • 【Multi-sports Mode】: Supports 6 common sports mode including running, cycling, basketball, football, sit-ups and treadmill, you can choose the mode you like on the bracelet
  • 【100% Money-back】: Your worry-free purchase contains 30 days no reason money-back guarantee and 12 months replacement warranty. Get yours now by clicking “Add to Cart” button on the right. If you are not satisfied with this item, please contact us before return it or review it. We will try our best to help you, please feel free to contact us: amazon.us@iyoyofit.com.


User Manual(Benutzerhandbuch)

Slim Manual Download:

YoYoFit Slim User Manual

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Slim Benutzerhandbuch


YoYoFit Slim Kids Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Watch


  1. Q: Can you buy extra bands?

    A: Hi, Thank you for your question.
    You can buy it from this link:(https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XQSPC3Q?ref=myi_title_dp)

  2. Q: How does it charge.

    A: Hi, Thank you for your question.
    Please take the band off where the USB port is, then take the metal end to any USB port. Then charging light will come on. And if no response,please put it upside down.

  3. Q: I have a Samsung J5, can it compatible?

    A: Hi, Thank you for your question.
    Yes,our fitness tracker can work with smartphone which system is IOS 9.0,Android 4.4 or above.

  4. Q: How many alarms can set?

    A: Hi, Thank you for your question.
    You can set two alarms on the CC Band App and must Sync with Device. Then the tracker will vibrate at alarm time.

  5. Q: Can I track two watches from my phone? Both of my girls have a watch.

    A: Hi, Thank you for your question.
    Yes,You can use different email to register different acoount for your two or more kids.Set every account specific for your kids.And then sign in different account to upload different tracker’s data.

  6. Q: How do I change out of military time?

    A: Hi, Thank you for your question.
    When the tracker connected with your phone, the tracker time format will snyc with your phone time format automatically.

  7. Q: How do I turn off the text alerts? My children are both getting my texts on their watch even though I disabled sms alert.

    A:Hi, Thank you for your question.
    You can turn off the text alert on the CC Band App and must sync the tracker. Then the tracker will not alert.

  8. Q: Does the tracker work without the app?

    A: Hi, Thank you for your question.
    Yes,it can use tracking features without a phone.And you can see the tracking data after you sync it with your phone.

  9. Q: How waterproof is this? Submersion waterproof, or daily life waterproof?

    A: Hi, Thank you for your question
    The tracker waterproof is daily life waterproof.

  10. Q: How to change the unit format?

    A: Hi,Thank you for your question.
    You can change the unit format in your User Profile in CC Band App.

89 reviews for YoYoFit Slim Kids Fitness Tracker Best Fitness Gift for Kids

  1. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use for a 4.5 years old kids
    I was thinking to buy a water for my daughter and teach her how to understand “time” for a long time.She was very happy when she got the water. She know how to use it soon, and doesn’t want to take it off all day long even when she sleep.

  2. Mike Gardiner

    Perfect fitness watch for a child or woman
    Now i purchased this for my daughter so she can see just how many steps she is taking. She is a cheerleader and likes to run and walk so she wanted to know how many steps and miles she was walking. I feel that for the price this is a great deal my only thing is I wish it was waterproof. I have gotten it wet with sweat because I wanted to try it out before I gave it to her and I had no problem with sweat hurting it. all in all I believe its been a great watch and like I said its priced low so if you mess it up you are not out an arm and a leg like you would be with a fitbit.

  3. Barrett Luciana

    Look good
    The appearance is simple and generous, especially fashionable. Many functions, easy to operate. Worth buying

  4. Shopper32

    Good present
    Got this for my friends kid’s birthday present. I set it up for her. Download the App to her phone. It’s an easy sync after the registration. It gives notification when msg arrives and track work out steps, heart rates, sleep cycle ….etc. she is happy for this fitness tracker.

  5. CrisRey!

    Training time
    Very satisfied. And the child is even more. They work well Alerts on calls and messages come.Count the steps well. You no longer need to take the phone out of your pocket.

  6. TopTechGuides

    My daughter’s first watch
    My daughter took my activity tracker all the time. So I bought one for her. She love it and she pick the color. I can track her activity and heart rate while she at school. Great one.

  7. Marie Catherine

    Nice fitness tracker for kids and adults!
    This fitness tracker is so cute! It looks good on the wrist, very light and comfortable/easy to use. It’s for kids, but it can fit an adult as well if you’re looking for something less expensive than a Fitbit. Decent battery life as well. This is a must have for me!

  8. Amanda Shuherk

    Great for kiddos
    Perfect for my daughter. She was surprised because it woke her up with the alarm function. This was super easy to set up and even easier to figure out. Thanks again.

  9. Homestead Dad

    For Kids, this is a Great Band
    My kids love this thing. If you have more than one kid, be prepared for them to fight over it. The band itself is extremely comfortable for them and can be adjusted to fit a two year old, who wants to be like her older siblings, all the way up to my adult sized fourteen year old. The app gives you the core info you need to see what activity you’ve been doing. I was a little concerned about how it was charged being that you have to take off one side of the band, but those concerns have been unfounded and it hasn’t been an issue at all. Happy with this purchase, and my kids certainly are.

  10. Kendra Norwood

    Easy to use and comparable to name brands
    My daughter has been begging me for a Fitbit. This one is much more affordable. Perfect functionality for its purpose and great color selection. Easy to use.

  11. Cindi

    Great Kids tracker
    My 9 year old granddaughter is the type of girl that is moderately idle and loves to follow you around and help the grown ups. Since receiving this item she was been trying to get a high score on her steps. These trackers come in different colors purple and pink is her favorite so that was a huge plus for her. She is really loving her fitness tracker and I’m seeing a lot of improvement on her getting up and trying to do more , she loves a high five so since the tracker gives her many kudo’s this is great. Definitely would recommend this fitness tracker.

  12. Man Rat From Youtube

    Easy to set up and connect to your phone!
    I’ve been looking for a tracker that is smaller in size because my wrist is on the smaller side.. so this was perfect! The heartbeat tracker seems to be pretty accurate as well! Super easy to set up and connect to your phone – nice that I’m able to see a preview of incoming text messages or phone calls. Great tracker for the price and finally one that doesn’t look too big on me!

  13. Victoria S.

    Great gift for my kiddo
    Great gift idea for my active kid. Fits, is comfortable and does exactly what we want. Great bday gift when she wanted a watch like mommy’s Apple Watch!

  14. Man Rat From Youtube

    Great Quality Product.
    I was looking for a smartwatch for the longest that had a sleep monitor, step tracker and gave the options to get notifications. While others are there, this one for sure gives me what I am looking for and it has an amazing app that compliments the watches feature. I will highly recommend this for daily use or as a great holiday gift.

  15. Amanda

    Highly recommend, great for kids
    It’s small enough to for a toddler, and holds up very well! The battery life is amazing and I only need to charge it once every 5 or 6 days?

  16. Ruthann

    Great fitness tracker!
    In love with this product! I bought it for my daughter and I ended up asking her if I could use it! The battery is going on five days and I haven’t had to charge it.It fits adults as well as children, so treat yourself!Added bonus: it has writing on the bottom that tells you the charging end, initially it doesn’t seem like a big deal but it’s super helpful since I always forget which side is the charging side!Note: I would highly suggest reading the manual because some of the settings are difficult to navigate until you become accustomed to the app, but the manual walks you through each step!

  17. Armelle Dee

    Very simple and accurate fitness tracker
    This tracker is nicely light. The alarm on it is a necessary plus. It is so easy to use and looks CV oil on the wrist. My teenage loves it. The setup was also very easy. The GPS tracking and the steps counter are so accurate. The band is a great quality. It looks like this will last longer.

  18. Kickstar

    Nicely Packaged
    I was pleasantly surprised at the packaging of this watch. Perfect for gift giving. The tracker fits comfortably and works great. I compared this tracker with my current tracker and the accuracy is on point. The mobile app is easy to load and link to the tracker. This tracker is so easy to use.

  19. Angela Neading

    Activity tracker
    Good quality kids activity tracker. I intend to use for my 7 year old but could easily but used by a smaller adult. It fit my wrist just fine. App was easy to find and is user friendly. Simple screen for a child to use. The band is durable and a very bright pink color. Heart rate is was accurate. Would recommend.

  20. ninglan

    so good 👍
    I bought a similar product very well. So buy one for my son ,this have Colored screen and Cute pattern he well like

  21. Crystal Flowers

    Works great
    Bought this to help track my granddaughters sleep pattern and it is doing exactly what we wanted. It tracks her sleep and she loves being able to tell you what time it is. The battery life is great.

  22. Chris

    My 6 year old loves it.
    Great little smart watch / fitness tracker. Got it for my 6 year old son, fits his wrist on the smallest band setting just fine. It’s very easy for him to operate with the one-touch button to cycle between screens.He loves telling me how many steps he’s taken every 30 minutes, hopefully that doesn’t last long ha. Very good value and great buy if you’re looking to get your kid a simple smart watch.I also like how easy the charging system is and that you can use it with any USB power block, I’m currently using an iPhone charger.

  23. Marlo Ty

    Better then most smart watches! Definitely a keeper!!
    This smart watch is most definitely a lot better then most smart watches out there!!It is simple to set up. You can sync it up with a specific app. The smart watch is super easy to use in general, it took me less time then other smart watches I have checked out. Easy to charge too.The watch is comfortable and super stylish. It comes in a few different strap band color options.The watch quickly alerts me to any notifications(phone calls, text message, Instagram notification, etc) that come in. It helps me to not be on my phone so much.Plus of course there are some great features: pedometer, heart rate monitoring, multi sports modes and a few more.I really love this watch!

  24. Lacey Kieffer

    Works well
    Needed something inexpensive to help me keep better track of my activity. So far it has worked really well, easy to connect with my phone and I don’t hate wearing it, I’m not use to something on my wrist, it is really comfy.

  25. Natalie C.

    Cute fitness tracker! The pink color is perfect for my daughter. She is a dancer and wants to start keeping track of her steps each day, so this will be perfect!

  26. Alisa

    So glad I bought it!
    I was really nervous to get this but after my daughter lost her Fitbit I didn’t want to spend that kind of money again. This works great and has more things it can do than her Fitbit did. The band is big but she tightens it to the 1st or 2nd hole and doesn’t seem to mind.


    High quality, worthwhile fitness watch
    This fitness watch is so good, I bought for my daughter, but she is too young now then I use it by myself, it’s very tiny clear and easy to use, I can record my steps every day and heart rate, and so on. I will continue to find the other function of it. I think it is perfect and It worth much more than 27.99, I really love it, high quality.

  28. Nicole

    Easy to use
    It works really well. It was easy for my daughter to use and she loves it, she was desperate to get in her steps. The instructions were easy to follow and I had no trouble connecting it to the app.

  29. AFish

    Keeps kids active
    Bought this for my daughter. She loves it! Every day she meets her step goal, a little trophy pops up. That is very exciting for her and she always pushes to meet her goal.

  30. Rob

    Great for children on the run!
    I love this little fitness tracker for kids! My 10 year old niece loves it! It works for tracking steps, exercise, and rest. She loves to run so this is a great watch for that. The purple is such a bright and vivid color. Great price for the quality!

  31. goaliemom

    Birthday present for 10 year old
    this was bought for my daughters 10th birthday. She loves it and is very excited. We are still learning all the options but she loves how comfortable it is and it glows in the dark

  32. Kay

    Good fitness tracker for my kid
    Got this fitness tracker for my 7 year old. It’s a bit big for him so I assume the heart rate tracker is inaccurate because of this. But he loves his new watch and it got him to jump up and down and run in circles all day long so I say that’s a great motivation to move around. I initially set up the app on my phone to get the time/date settings & the set up was quite easy. This band looks about the same size as my Garmin Vivosmart3 so my kid is very happy that he’s getting something similar to mom but with a nice colored display.

  33. Zebros00

    Great Budget Smart Fitness Tracker
    Great fitness tracker if your on a budget. Super easy to use and connect to your phone. I thought it was cool how you plug the actual display into a usb to charge. Steps are pretty accurate. Band is very comfortable. Waterproof is very helpful!Highly recommended!

  34. jbrown

    Good buy!
    Got this for my son who is 8 & he loves it. It’s great for the price, especially since he’s 8 and may not remember where he takes it off at. We haven’t used the app with it too much, but set up was very easy. It’s low maintenance for me and fun for him.

  35. Brian

    Great battery!
    We bought this for our 5 year old who was interested in a fitbit type tracker/watch. The tracker charges quickly and holds a charge for a while. The pink band is a really attractive pink (not orangey). It has been dropped, stepped on, kicked, and tossed off the counter tops and shows no signs of wear which is really amazing. She’s very happy with it. I am not sure how accurate it is, but she never really stops moving.

  36. iReviewEverything

    Very inexpensive and durable sporty watch.
    This watch is awesome. Very light and durable. I really forget that I’m wearing it as I never really wear jewelry or watches. The battery life excellent. I needed something simple for work and fitness. Even though i bought this for my little cousin and he loves it. Im really thinking about purchasing another one for myself.

  37. Vanah B

    Really well made and easy to use. Looks cool too!
    Seriously the coolest thing ive gotten my daughter! It tells you the sleep patterns, the calories burned, heart rate. Its awesome! The app is extremely well made and easy to use.

  38. srikanth GINJUPALLI

    Great product
    I was surprised many this watch. First of all, it’s very stylish. Secondly, I like the alarm function on mobile app. I always sleep over my phone alarms. With my watch, I can actually feel the vibration which wakes me up on time. Perfect for people like me.However, there are rooms for improvement. The accuracy of step counting is a little bit off, I’d say. But they are really nice color!! I struggled a lot when choosing which color to get for my watch. I went for green anyways. It’s a nice color.

  39. Rafa

    Cool watch!!
    Shipped quickly. Good device to get the kids to be active. Lot of useful functions though almost accurate. It is Waterproof and for this low price you can’t complain. It also has heart rate monitor and connects to your android phone.

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